For assistance with AT devices before, during, and after a disaster, please contact LATAN:

Phone 225.925.9500 ~ Toll-free 1.800.270.6185 ~ Fax 225.925.9560
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ~ General Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Louisiana: Be Prepared for Hurricane Season

Louisiana Assistive Technology Access Network (LATAN) urges Louisiana residents who use Assistive Technology (AT) to make plans and become prepared to be able to evacuate with all AT devices and components necessary for independent daily living in the face of hurricanes or other disasters.

In addition to being personally prepared for all disasters, LATAN offers the following checklist of suggestions that users of AT can follow when faced with evacuation:

* Keep devices charged
* Store chargers, extra batteries, and adapters with devices
* Take a plastic zipper bag and/or electronic file (disc or flash drive) containing all AT info including:
  1. Device name
  2. Manufacturer’s name & info
  3. Model and Serial numbers
  4. Vendor (Store’s/Seller’s) name & info
  5. Date of purchase and copy of receipt if available
  6. Copy of Doctor’s or Therapist’s prescription if available & contact info
  7. Funder’s (i.e., Medicare, Medicaid, Insurance Co.) name, contact info, & policy numbers
* Label all AT devices and components with owner’s name and contact info
* Post “how-to” instructions on big or complex devices for first responders and evacuation personnel
* If relying on local/state officials for evacuation touch base with them and remind them of AT needs

Louisiana residents with access and functional needs may want to review the LATAN Emergency Preparedness Video© for tips on being prepared for disasters. This video is fully accessible through American Sign Language (ASL) and open captioning. For more information, call LATAN’s Emergency Preparedness program at 225.925.9500 or 1.800.270.6185.

©2009 LATAN Emergency Preparedness Video including “Preparedness, It’s Your Turn” presentation and “EAD Emergency Readiness Wheel”, both ©2007 EAD & Associates, LLC. All rights reserved and further reproduction prohibited without prior written permission.



Volunteer to Help People with Disabilities and the Elderly in Emergency Shelters

After a disaster, people with disabilities and the elderly need your help during their stay in emergency shelters. YOU can help in so many ways.

You can read to someone who is blind, help orient someone to the shelter’s layout, assist with dressing, eating, getting in and out of his/her cot, getting to the restroom, etc. With your help an already difficult experience can be a little less stressful. To volunteer go to

Jamie Landry Karam, Technical Expert

Jamie Landry Karam
Technical Expert