LATAN's coordination and collaboration efforts focus on increased access to assistive technology devices and services through interagency collaboration and policy advocacy.

Because coordination and collaboration with public and private entities often is based on emerging, new, or changing policies and procedures, it is difficult to anticipate all of the coordination and collaboration activities that LATAN will undertake. In the past, coordination and collaboration involved the proposal of new or changes to current AT policies, providing input on proposed AT policies, and analysis of the impact of current AT policies. LATAN does this by participating on task forces sponsored by state agencies, by being a member of consumer groups, advocacy groups, and disability networks throughout the state, and through independent efforts.

Currently, LATAN is collaborating and coordinating with:

  • The Louisiana Long-Term Care planning groups to provide technical assistance in the development of policies and procedures for transition assessments for long-term supports and services;
  • Medicaid Purchase Plan Advisory Council to provide technical assistance in the development of assistive technology services needed by workers with disabilities;
  • The Louisiana Assistive Technology Initiative Advisory Panel to provide technical assistance for the development of regional centers and for other Department of Education AT initiatives;
  • The Statewide Collaborative on Housing Systems Transformation to provide technical assistance in the development of policies that will lead to accessible and affordable housing for individuals with disabilities and older people; and
  • Emergency preparedness planning groups to provide technical assistance regarding the need for planning efforts around assistive technology devices and peripherals, such as device batteries, including providing appropriate and accessible evacuation transportation for those with mobility impairments.