Transition services provide information about the needs for assistive technology as one moves from high school to post-secondary education or employment, and for those entering or maintaining community living outside of institutional settings.

Aging in Place

LATAN provides training and a resource manual "Assistive Technology for Aging in Place" to train older individuals who want to remain in community settings, and their caregivers and service providers, as well as individuals who want to transition out of institutions into the community. Hospital discharge planners is one population of focus to receive this transition training, and any technical assistance needed. For more information about this resource guide and training, please call the LATAN office.

Training for Special Educators

LATAN's plans include collaborating with the Department of Education Louisiana Assistive Technology Initiative regional centers and the Louisiana Rehabilitation Services to develop a training module that will be used to train special educators, vocational rehabilitation counselors, parents, and students involved in transition with the skills and knowledge they need to successfully include AT in all transition planning.

Technical Assistance

In addition, LATAN provides technical assistance to the long-term services and supports task forces in state agencies for the development of an assistive technology component to be utilized with the tool used to assess the functional abilities of people transitioning to community settings from nursing homes and other institutional settings.

Several LATAN Information Sheets are available on the topic of transition using assistive technology.