Screen ReaderA screen reader is a software program that uses synthesized speech to “speak” graphics and text out loud. This type of program is used by people with limited vision or blindness. Example: Teri has been blind from birth. A screen reader allows her to access visual information on a computer screen. A piece of software installed in her computer goes “behind the scenes” and reads the text that exists behind the graphic Web pages that sighted people read....S 
Seating and Positioning AidsSeating and positioning aids offer modifications to wheelchairs or other seating systems. They provide greater body stability, upright posture or reduction of pressure on the skin surface. Equipment includes wheelchair cushions, trunk/head supports, modular seating, and seating lifts....S 
Switches and Switch SoftwareSwitches offer an alternative method to provide input into a computer when it is not possible to use a more direct access method, such as a standard keyboard or mouse. Switches come in various sizes, shapes, colors, methods of activation, and placement options. An interface device and software program are usually required to connect the switch to the computer and interpret the operation of the switch. Some software programs have been developed specifically for use with a switch and can employ on-screen scanning. With on-screen scanning, the computer highlights the options available to the user depending upon what action he or she wants the computer to take. The highlights are done either by sound, visual cue or both. When a visual or auditory prompt indicates a specific keyboard or mouse function, the user activates the switch and the desired function occurs. Other programs have built-in options to allow switch use. Many standard software programs can be accessed through a switch with ...S