Pointing and Typing AidsA pointing or typing aid is typically a wand or stick used to strike keys on the keyboard. They are most commonly worn on the head, held in the mouth, strapped to the chin, or held in the hand. Example: For Kwame, a young man with severe spinal cord injury and no mobility from his head down, pointing and typing aids allow him to interface with his computer. His aid allows him to navigate around his computer. When he moves his head, this device substitutes as a mouse and allows him to perform standard activities, such as playing games or taking tests, and even more advanced activities like drawing....P 
Prosthetics and OrthoticsProsthetics and orthotics include replacement, substitution or augmentation of missing or malfunctioning body parts with artificial limbs or other orthotic aids. This includes splints, braces, foot orthosis, helmets, restraints, and supports....P 
Screen Enlargement ProgramsScreen enlargement programs magnify a section of the screen, increasing the visibility for users with limited vision. Most screen enlargement programs have variable magnification levels and some offer text-to-speech options....P