Keyboard AdditionsA variety of accessories have been designed to make keyboards more accessible. Keyguards are hard plastic covers with holes for each key. Someone with an unsteady finger or using a pointing device can avoid striking unwanted keys by using a keyguard. Moisture guards are thin sheets of plastic that protect keyboards from spills and saliva. Alternative labels add visual clarity or tactile information to the keys. Example: When John, a young man with muscular dystrophy, doesn’t use the keyguard, he often clicks letters that he doesn’t want. The clearly defined spaces between keys, provided by the keyguards, helps him select the keys he wants....K 
Keyboard EmulatorA keyboard emulator is a device that is connected to or resides in a computer and imitates the computer’s keyboard in function and performance....K 
LREThe abbreviation LRE stands for “least restrictive environment.” This means that to the maximum extent appropriate, children with disabilities are educated with children who are not disabled. Removal from the regular educational environment occurs only when a student cannot be successfully educated in that setting even with supplementary aids and services....K