Battery InterrupterA battery interface control designed to create switch compatibility for non-adapted toys or battery-operated devices for individuals with physical disabilities. It consists of a cable with a two layer copper plate at one end and a jack at the other. The copper plate fits in the battery compartment at either end of the battery and "interrupts" the flow of electricity. When a switch is plugged into the jack, operation of the switch will allow the electric current to flow like it normally would in the toy or device. Typically available for battery sizes "AA", "C" or "D", with a 1/8-inch mono phone jack....B 
BrailleThe most widely used tactile substitution device for persons with visual impairments. Each Braille character consists of a cell of either six or eight dots. The seventh and eighth cells are used for tabulation, underlining, and other special functions associated with computer displays and text editing....B 
Braille DisplayA Braille display is a tactile device consisting of a row of special ‘soft’ cells. A soft cell has 6 or 8 pins made of metal or nylon; the pins are controlled electronically to move up and down to display characters as they appear on the display of the source system - usually a computer or Braille note taker. They can also be used for advanced math work and for computer coding. A number of cells are placed next to each other to form a soft or refreshable Braille line. As the little pins of each cell pop up and down, they form a line of Braille text that can be read by touch....B